Finding the one (part 2)

I told her
I’m the difference
When you subtract
God away from a human being
Do not let humanity
Subjugate the purity
From which you were born
Revenge will not save our hearts
But only make us lost
Lend your hand to me
And together we will be
The envy of every human being

My love
I will take you to a place
Where the future is
The only sight to see
And the past will become
Irrelevant by the eyes
You use to see
And our kiss
Will stitch our lips
In an eternal orgasmic bliss

But right now
We are apart
And I don’t know
Who you are, my love
But until
The day our souls
Blend as one
We will always have our dreams

I’ll drift into the sea
Of her life’s morbid imagination
As she presents
The voices she can never understand
For we are divided by time
And reincarnation is not on our side

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