Full Circle

I’m my own worst enemy
And my mind unravels
In fear and hate
Continuing to search for answers
And I cannot wait
For fate
To unfold a future
That has been told
An infinite amount times
And my memory doesn’t recognize
Mirrors in disguise

It seems everyone
Is in love with hate
As humanity manipulates everyone
For greed and pleasures that offend
And they look away
Telling everyone that it’s okay

Your past was written
And cannot be changed
Your future is blank
Can be written
We are living for here and now
And someday
I’ll be another dead god
With words no one understands
Lost in time

I’m just a replica of an atom
Dying and unknown
Crucified and betrayed
In a simulation
That no one realizes
Decayed and gone
Trapped in this earthly prison
That has lost all rhythm

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December 28, 2018

I wonder if moving on to the new is getting rid of the old?

December 29, 2018


As long as lessons are learned.