Her Burning Passions/My predictions for the future

Her chameleon eyes
Drift inside her mind
Hiding the abortion
A vengeful distortion
Out of sight
Out of mind
Her skin sheds
Her porcelain sin
Melting the truth
Inside a lying proof

Sulfurous love
Burning passions from above
A guilty heart
About to rip apart
Running from a life
She knows nothing about

Her hips
Sway with the wind
Lust breeds
Between her bleeding knees
A master of
Her Venusian dreams
For desire strangles her heart
When her soul
Cries and screams
Dreading what she sees

A thousand lovers
Watch her bleed
Sedating her pain
Deceiving Cain
Aborting her eyes
Inside a mystery
She creates
As she can longer find
Her love
Her lost dove


Here are my future predictions. Let me know what you think.

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August 24, 2019

Nice Video but I think some parts are wrong and I think the countries you mentioned will be having nothing to do with America unless trump plays nice and fixes all the mistakes he has made and make apologies for the way he has treated others.  And now even Boris wants nothing to do with him really and thinks what he is doing with china is just wrong.  I think the first time voters will not be voting for trump and all the baby boomers won’t be voting for Trump.  And the seniors won’t care one way or the other because they will be too old to care.  So the only people who are left is the middle age types and I am not sure if they have enough people to get Trump in.  But we as a world just need to be nice and play nice and leave those communist countries alone so they can run their own countries the way they see fit.

August 24, 2019


I disagree, and I guess, time will reveal the pieces that fall.