Her Dream of the Next Life

Her eyes wither
A false guise
That warped her mind
Into this frame of time
And now she binds
What she could no longer find
Wrapped in spider’s legs
Are the flies
She let go of
One at a time

All she needs
Is a new direction
For she hides behind
The face she paints
Waiting to free
The cage around her heart
Breaking free
From the grip of death
Releasing her veins
So she can finally
Take a breath

God becomes her abuse
Strange and obtuse
The degrees aren’t always right
Her abortions had lives
A lover’s dream
In an empty sea
A love of lies
In a fairytale delight

Sin boils her blood
She’s one of the stars
Trapped above
The Moon holds a knife
Releasing her light
She can no longer live
When prayers stop their flight
Bleeding continuously
Putting all her hope
Into the next life

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