I just want to leave

Death slowly creeps
Inside my eyes
Revealing the delusion
And the 3D lie
I watch myself
Slowly die
My veins bleed
As something enters and overtakes
Everything I used to be

I give my life to you
Manage it better
Then what I could
You can have
The words I write
While I listen
To the echo of my voice
As I went astray

I’ve become nothing
Just a shadow you ignore
Whispering to a world
Caged in terror
My voice is the wind
I’m the whisper within

Can you hear
The angels
Sing “My Song of Death”
They always seem to watch
And never care about
The cross I bear
My prayers were just words
Without a direction or destination
God should not have been my fascination

I cannot remember
Who I am
I’m all alone
And everyone I know
Dies in the end
My life is a lie
Folded and wrapped
With words and verses
And I’ve come to realize that
Death is a parasite
Living off the sands of time

You can have my life
The flavor is dry
In the end
I’ll be the victim of suicide
Fake or real
My perception is clear
Prescribed to this fate
All I want to do is escape
And sedate
The pain is just too great

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November 20, 2019

I think the life you have seems pretty good to me….Not sure if you are a professional poetry writer but if you are not then you should be.  I think the gift of writing poetry is an awesome reason for being…..

November 21, 2019


I am currently disabled with bipolar, anxiety, and PTSD.  Last year, I received an English degree, and next week a Master in Business Administration.  Next year, I begin a Doctorate in Management for Organizational Leadership.  I am writing a novel that should be out next year, and the poetry goes along with the protagonist.  So yes, I’m on my way.

November 22, 2019


Wow….Pretty soon you will be one of those CEO’s that has millions……But from your videos it’s hard to tell that you are not a professional and have been an established author.

You are a true insperation and it’s no wonder I like you….

November 27, 2019


Thanks!  Yeah, I could be a CEO, but I want to start my own company and transform society.  Help those that really need help.  Success breeds success and thank you, these moments bring the world together.