I’ll become what you despise

You built me up with money and lies
Creating a false advertised society
Waiting to worship
Anything they say
Programmed and built
The CPU of today
It is desperately waiting
For what they must say
As they point their fingers
And running out of victims to blame
To play their games
Eating the skin
They shed
To feed their sins
To their next of kin
And when they’ve run out of things to say
We wonder
Whose mistake are we anyway

Oh, please
Tell me something beautiful
So that I can be
Oh, please
Tell me something free
So that I can dream
Of what they want me
To be

You’ve been poisoned
By your past
Camouflaging the scars
Digging down inside your mind
We’ve tangled ourselves
Into the darkness
We cannot escape
Everyone is being Judged
From above
Labeled and put on a shelf
Becoming the victims
Until we are disposed
And thrown away
Locked in a cage
Because no one cares
What you say

I can only speak
What is true
When I dream
The feather is lighter than the stone
I have died
So I can say
I’ve seen
The lie you live behind
And when I’m reborn
I’ll become what
You despise

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