I’ll take it all on/Novel Update

I welcome you
To the era of hate
An era of tyranny
Cold and heartless
Disconnected and apathetic
Spitting on the grave of yesterday
Burning flags
And the ignorant project
The ideas they are told
And do not comprehend
What they’re sold

Darkness is squeezing things in
Depression prisons the mind
So that it doesn’t tell time
As suicide hides underneath
The skin
That society peels back
Hoping you’ll take your life
Because no one gives a damn

I’ll admit
Insanity is the key
To unlocking my brain
Every second I die
Is every minute I’m alive
I enjoy the coma of life
So maybe I’m the only one
Who is sane
When it seems that everyone
Just enjoys
Bashing each other brains
And I want to create and love
Never thought I’d have to take on
The darkness from above
You’re gonna turn me into an asshole
And that’s not the person I want to be


Novel update

Pages 55
Word count 15,360

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May 24, 2019

I think we are all born to die so we can move on to something better…isn’t it always greener on the other side?

May 26, 2019


Hopefully, but I believe so too.