I’m Wide Awake/The border crisis, 5G, and Becky Lynch

There is a lie
That lives inside
Everyone’s mind
History changes
Throughout the ages
When the Earth’s genesis
Rearranges the population
As fear rages
With our brains locked in cages

Humans have no peace
For madness infects their minds
With illusions and delusions
A visionary trap
To make us believe
What we see
For we create the outcome
Of fate
Yet, there is nothing there
Not even air

Will you read the words I write
Before I disappear
And my words will vanish
Because your goals are clear
As my ink
Is what you fear

I used to ask for help
Until I realized that
No one cares
They’ll stab you back
And take everything away
I wish they knew
Materialism does not define
The person I am today
But it doesn’t matter
I’ll leave everyone to their destructive fate
Cause I’ve reached Nirvana
And I’ll disappear without a trace
For this is fake
And I’m wide awake


The border crisis is getting pretty fucking bad, and I know because I live forty-five minutes from the border. I had to get ADT installed in my because gunshots are going off at night regularly. We need a wall, and we need a wall desparately. I’m frustrated with the Democrats in Congress, and I have been sick of their lies and corruption for quite some time. Not all of them are bad, but the majority of them are not right (possibly not right in the head). In 2018, I voted all Republican, and I will vote all Republican again, especially since socialism is creeping around the corner. Socialism is something that needs to be stopped immediately before it takes over and ruins this country. I cannot believe that a Democrat was booed off stage because he declared that this is not a socialist party. NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM SOCIALISM–NOTHING! Socialism is Satanic, and here are the words from Karl Marx himself:

Till heart’s bewitched, till senses reel:
With Satan I have struck my deal.
He chalks the signs, beats time for me,
I play the death march fast and free. (https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1837-pre/verse/verse4.htm)

How about the words of Vladimir Lenin:

“The goal of Socialism is Communism.” (https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/vladimir_lenin_136421)

The only Democrat that is running for president that is sane is Tulsi Gabbard, but I wouldn’t vote for her because she supports the Green New Deal. I’m voting for Trump in the next election anyways cause I think he is doing a great fucking job, especially with the economy.

The new topic is 5G

I have it and love it! I switched from AT&T to Spectrum and holy shit, my internet is fast as fuck. 5G will only work inside your house, and then you are provided with 2G outside your house, which operates the same. Anyways, 5G is incredible, and I recommend anyone who can get it!

My wife’s birthday is Saturday, and we will be in San Antonio on Friday for Celebrity Fan Fest. My wife and I love the WWE, and we are going to be meeting, taking pictures, and getting Becky Lynch’s autograph on Friday. Plus, there will be other celebs there from Marvel and Aquaman. So, if you are going to be there, then say what’s up to me!

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June 13, 2019

so you believe in dictatorship? Scary! that is just what Hitler did

June 13, 2019


What?  No one is talking about a dictatorship.  Are you saying that I don’t have a right in this country to be protected?  Please clarify, and there is no dictatorship going on in America.  I rebel against that.

June 13, 2019

Did you see what trump said to Elizabeth may in London when she was about to step down?  Explain to me how an out going government official  can sit down with someone like Trump and create a deal which they can’t make or even say it’s doable?  It’s thinks like that which all I can do is shake my head and think he has something wrong with his head…..sorry but watching what Trump is doing from a far just makes me wonder what kind of country you poor Americans will have by the time Trump can’t be president anymore…..

June 13, 2019


I’m not quick to judge, and I do a lot of research, and I know that we disagree about our stance on him.  I do not know what you are talking about with Elizabeth May.  Can you please send something that I can look at so that I can research it more.  I also don’t agree with everything that he says, but when Democrats give us the option of Socialism or Trump–I’ll pick Trump every time.  So will other Americans.