Is this my last breath?/I have a supermodel

As death slowly devours me
I begin a slow decay
My eyes are closed
And I can only hear
Whispers of what other people say
It’s not quite clear
If I’ll wake up today

Time is against me
As death slowly creeps up on me
I remember all the lies
As it spreads inside
My veins open wide
As I fight to stay free
For I refuse to let anything
Change me

The Sun closes its eye
Darkness is on the rise
The Moon peels back its skin
To devour my emotions within
The painting of this
Perfect picture scene
Will end
With my death
But hold onto me
I haven’t taken my last breath

Good news! My wife’s best friend is a former supermodel. Next year, probably towards the end of the year, I plan on having my novel out, and my wife’s friend, along with my wife, will be on tour with me. The first tour that I plan will be in Texas to see how everything goes, but I do plan on branching out.

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