Love does not decay

She is alone
In a world created by sin
Monopolizing her fantasies
That reproduces her sexuality
She’s my beautiful angel that
Bleeds tears of ice
Petrified of the light
Because she’s been abused
Too much by the night

In the cemetery
She mourns and prays
To the trepid Moon
Ignis fatuus
Separates her sight
She eclipsed the sunlight
And represses her memories of darkness
Losing faith
And dying fast
My only wish
Is to present her
Another philosophy of life
Because the past
Can trap your eyes
In a winter cell
Tortured in hell

Our love
Will conquer the malediction of mortality
As we drift into dreams
That reproduce this reality
I riffle through your eyes
Emulating the stars of the night
Kissing under the moonlit skies
Forever in my heart, you’ll stay
And if you drift away
My love will not decay

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December 6, 2018

two is always better then one, no matter what it is or who they are….

December 6, 2018