My Goddess


You are my passionate goddess of the spring
Reborn from the depth of Hades
Here to provide another version
Of the prism of light
To express the gift of life
Through vision and insight

I can feel
The breeze of the wind
Gently gliding
Over our sweating bodies
I look into your eyes
As they bloom like roses
Absorbing the sunlight
In order to hide from the night

Her skin
Is as smooth as silk
And as I caress every part
Our feelings bond and
Intensify our emotions
As we give each other our hearts
Dripping in orgasmic radiant passion

As the sun fades away
She leaves at night
To watch the Earth from space
She dances with
The language of the stars
Then they blink
Mistaking light for eyes
She makes them cry
One at a time

The gods
Must have spent a lot of time
Creating her beautifully unique design
Our moments are eternal bliss
That echo memories
As my dreams never sleep
For not even death
Can erase our moments in time
For this hourglass
Is a circle cycle design
And as we become one flesh
Our sins disappear
But only if we seal it
With an eternal kiss
Of perpetual bliss


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August 5, 2018

well written….

August 18, 2018


Thanks again!