Poof…and I Disappear

Poof…and I Disappear
This night
I hope to die
When the stars and moon
Illuminate the sky with gods and angels
By my side

I’m running faster
Away from my fate
Afraid of the destruction
It will create
My scars
Dig deeper into my skin
I live in a nightmare
That never ends

I hide in the shadows
Until the darkness
Corrupts my eyes
And I become blind
I can only see in my dreams
A third eye destiny
Intoxicating my veins
And I can’t find a way out
Of this forsaken place

All my life
I drank the blood
From God’s suicide
Becoming displaced
In matter and time
Trying to reach the sky
So I can mend the thoughts
Murdering my mind

When you spend
Your life in the void
Of outer space
You lose yourself
Between dark and light
But I promise
You’ll find the stars
Inside your eyes
In due time
Because I sacrificed my life

Every night
I watch angels & demons
Fight over my life
As if I’m worth their time
Every night I watch
Angles hide
Behind the stars
And they’re afraid
To look me in the eye
As if
They knew how
To cure the voices
Echoing in my mind

Here I am
Lost and in disguise
Fleeing a world
That doesn’t care
That I’m alive
Here I am
Carried by words
Slowing down time
Before I was born
And now I die
Here I am
As I disappear
From the world
Never to be heard of again
I’ll leave my words behind
So you can discover
The dreams
I created for your mind

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October 14, 2020

I like this thanks for posting this.

October 20, 2020



October 15, 2020


October 20, 2020