The Echo of Our Souls / Two Timelines

The Echo of Our Souls [Video]

When the Sun awakes
And opens its eye
The Moon disappears into the blue
Taking back its light
Leaving a hollow shell
That collects dust and sound
The echo of our souls
Hungry and cannot be found

I’m trapped in time’s cyclical design
Calculating the possibilities
To infinity
When I write
I’m momentarily free
From this illusion
And I stay to be a guide
Try not to struggle
When the mirrors
Show you this lie

Why are you here?
You know my words will vanish
What wisdom can I give
Our fate is the same
You are trapped inside
The hourglass
Unknown to the grains of sand
That hit your head
Before you know it
You’ll be buried and dead

Is ever what it seems
Inside a mystery
That always lies
You create the story
And the characters
Change their lines
While the audience
Steals other people’s eyes
And radicalizes people’s minds


Two Timelines [Video]

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August 2, 2021



August 16, 2021


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