The Eyes of Cartomancy

The Queen of Hearts
Is replaced with
The Queen of Spades
A demonic plague
Infects the brain
Blood has become black
A decaying and rotting night
Begins when all that breathes
Ceases to be

The King of Hearts
Is dead
As his sword
Went through his head
The King of Spades
Devoured the King’s
Heart and brain
In this wicked game
Where everyone is played

The heart of four
Is thrice torn apart
In the name of Evil
The ritual of the Wands
Dies by the midnight Sun
The infection has just begun
As chaos breeds
The division which you perceive

The Sun rises
With tears of blood
The battle for
Heaven and Earth
Rages on
There is no peace
When hate is the disease
The blackhole
That eats everything

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January 4, 2019

isn’t the queen of hearts more of a authoritarian?  And doesn’t she have more pull then the spades?

January 7, 2019


From the card games I have played, the Queen is Spades is the most powerful Queen.  I believe it is also true of fortune telling with card decks.