The Eyes of Lies

My fate is divided
As hate consumes
And love subsides
Portioning off my eyes
As I become blind
To a past full of lies
A part of me dies

I must be from
A different world
Because I feel like I don’t belong
To those that pick the flesh
And leeches
That devour the rest
Born dead
To a world
With an apathetic plan

Only brought pain
And a war
Between my heart and brain
Peeling away pieces of flesh
Until there was nothing left

My sojourn is almost complete
As I wait to be deceased
Life will move on
As I mend and rest
Waiting to come back
Hoping I don’t realize the lies
This world is built behind

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January 3, 2019

When you do come back run forward then all will be better and more exciting…..

January 4, 2019