The Gift of Winter

A winter’s kiss
Steals your breath
Sucked into
The vacuum of night
The void
Victimizes your eyes
The stars hide
Afraid of the ghost
Living inside

The Sun gasps
And its last ray of light
Parishes as it surrenders to the night
Sinking below the horizon
A cold dark moisture
Molds death
The decay begins
Suffocating the constellations
As the gods disappear
Seeking shelter
In the whispers they hear

Evil mimics the false light
Of the night
Alchemists know this sight
The silver that penetrates eyes
Before the gold
Shines through bright
Eradicating the (sic) night

We are all
The living dead
Living the desires
Of other peoples’ heads
The colors change
The eyes that lead you astray
The Sun and Moon
Switch places
And the stars freeze
The birth of degrees
As I calculate the angels
Between you and me
The past and future meet
In all the theories we seek

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January 10, 2019

reminds me of how a zombie is……

January 15, 2019


Interesting, I never looked at it that way.