The Kiss of Death

I wake up
Drenched in cold sweat
Strapped to a bed
As a symmetrical succubus
Crept up in a fog
The haze that betrayed
My mind
And a knife
Clings to her side

She appears as a goddess
And her lips
Must be the kiss of death
Enchanting and Fluorescent
She stabs my heart
As concupiscence subjugates
And compromises
My body and mind

The gamine
Took control of my mind
Eradicating logic
False love
And desire
Divide us in two
In the sex we devoured

She leans into me
And whispers
That she is not through with me
Until she takes my soul
Destroying me
One piece at a time
Until she knows
That I’m her slave
In a timed trapped decay

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