The mirrors of Aphrodite/I will be pursuing a doctorate

She mirrors Aphrodite
As she stares into my eyes
Consuming my soul
With the drug
She designed
I cannot escape
Her hypnosis
Binding our fate
With love we create

Our souls’ suspire
The piety we desire
I appear
In a crystal skull
Somewhere in time
As she searches
For the heart
She can never find

She invades
My dreams
When I cannot be seen
For I appear
And disappear
While she
Will always be

The complexities of our love
Transgress the divine
And the words from above
We bit the apple
Watching the trees decay
Separating our hearts
Lost in time
Cannot rewind
I just want to fast forward
At the moment
We live again
As the sands recycle
The person from which I am

This year I earned my BA in English, and next year, in early November, I will receive my a Master of Business Administration. The following year, I will begin my Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

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