The Mirrors She Cannot Defeat

She’s a mystery
Hiding in a shell
Her silence describes
Words that voice
The fire inside
She cries
And you’ll never see her tears
She’s looking for a star
Blinded by the light
As she falls inside
Memories of terror and fright

Tragedies scar her eyes
Vacancy fills her mind
Shadows consume her soul
Dissecting her piece by piece
Trying to escape this dream
Except she awakes
Screaming out loud
Her echo is faint
And no one hears a sound

She runs away
Trying to flee
From another scene
Only to return to the beginning
Of what she’s seen
Her cycle repeats
Inside the mirrors
She can never defeat

She’s a lovely angel
Drowning in sorrow
Camouflaged by the moonlight
As the stars fall asleep
Inside her dark liquored eyes
The world she’s always seen
Was a disguise
Camouflaged by the sunlight

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August 21, 2019

this poem reminds me of this song.

August 24, 2019