The Moment of Decay

LSD liquefies my tongue
Rebuilding the cells
Programming hell
As I fabricate a tell
While still stuck
Inside the wishing well

Pills coax my brain
Stuck inside a picture frame
My salvation is inside the glass
As I mask
The time I spend inside
Deceiving my mind
To understand your side
Engraving my skin
To bleed what you hold in

The Moon eclipsed the Sun
Frightened and paranoid
By my own reflection
My skin turns to glue
Medicating myself
To hallucinate fiction
And I have no clue
To the words, I spew

I finally arrive
To my resting place
Where night and day
Are divided by two
Standing alone
Forsaken and unforgiven
The knife in back
As my tongue solidifies
And I can’t turn back

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January 4, 2019

Maybe start with one step in front of the other and then the steps will get faster and you will go farther?

January 4, 2019


true–it’s how you get to places and which way you go.