The New Cycle Begins

As I have died through time
I forgot my lives
Been played and have played
This game
Stuck in a loop
Trying to break the cycle
And then
Everything surfaced
As my heart and mind align
To break the chains
That prison me on the material plane

I’m sorry
If I am the first one to say
But this world is a lie
Created to keep you
Bound and chained
With a grid that ensures
You live the process again

You’ve let the government
Inside to control your mind
You speak their thoughts
Becoming part of the blind
Through violence and force
They control what you say
So you don’t know that you can control
And choose to go a different way

Religion speaks with strength
To abuse the God
That they use
To justify actions
That would otherwise seem
Wicked and strange
To those who don’t
Know the right names

This is a world
Looking for a scapegoat
Because responsibility
Is too harsh to face
When you can just
Believe what you hear
Believe what you see
Until you become the victim
Because you failed to read

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January 30, 2020

Maybe it’s easier to walk a straight line instead of a circle or a square?

January 31, 2020


I agree.  Sometimes, it is just hard finding that straight line.