The only way to win is not to be/The beginning of my spiritual awakening

The void in my life
Continues to consume memories
Of a life I once had
Creating a fantasy
As I fall apart
On every scene
No matter what I use
There is always pain
Its vengeance tortures me
Again and again
It’s the infection
Inside my head

I’m fighting for my soul
And the struggle has become
A war for dark and light
I’ve battled on both side
For everyone always thinks
They are doing right

I paint
My soul on the canvas
To watch it bleed and heal
To understand the spell
That was cast upon soul
Ages long ago
From myths and legends
Where the serpent stares
As the deception becomes quite clear
For the words have always spread
Through the secrets of the air

I’ve always felt
That I have had to be
So that I could perceive
It never occurred to me
That there are no winners
In the game of life
Not even when you roll the dice
The only way to escape
Is not to participate
Let go
And let the world control


My spiritual awakening


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August 26, 2019

Jay The Smart One