The Rebellion

I do not need the answers
That are fed to the masses
To become part of this
Living lie
I turn to ancient philosophies
To reveal the mask
Humanity wears all the time

One day
You will wake up
And realize the truth
Light will reveal
The complexity of the shadows
And once you comprehend
You’ll understand
Where I am

I’m ready
To unplug and unload
For I’m tired of all the bullshit
And ignorant games
Humanity uses
To call society insane
And the government tortures your mind
The preacher tells their lies
You must repeat and repent
The words they say
Because you’re the pawn
That is programmed to decay

Your memories
Are all the same
Suffering and deceit
Is what you gained
Becoming blind to a false light
The nice fool
Thought good would set you free
When chains are what you received

You must destroy yourself
To recreate the scenery
Hiding in a world
That denies divinity
And I know
You just want to be
A human that lives
For the right to be yourself
So you better hide
Watch time decay
And you’ll ascend beyond
The limitations that have trapped
Everybody else
And create yourself

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