The Secret in Shadows/Intro to Hermeticism Astrology, Magic, and Alchemy/Novel update

There are hidden secrets
That hide in the shadows
Of the night
A place where the Moon’s light
Cannot reach
The tunnels of horror and fright
And if you proceed
You’ll lose your soul
With only a single bite

Everyone needs love
To heal their wounds
You forsake those
With a horrible past
And pick their scabs
Their scars remain
And it grows in vain
Hate and negativity infect
While you stay
Ignorant to the side effects

The Ego will deceive
What it cannot achieve
For it pretends to be
Hiding in your shell
Separating you
From bliss
Because you enjoy
It’s masochistic gifts


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Novel update

77 pages

19,667 words

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September 1, 2019

jay the smart one