This is your hell

My skin
Has become rotting flesh
A victim of death
Blessed to be
As I travel through
The constellations
To unravel answers
I could never find in life
And then I forget
As it starts again

The scapegoats’ society creates
Are the blame
For you sedate
The utopia you crave
Inside the mirrored mysteries
In the grave

I’ve died for love
Many times
In cyclical prescribed fate
I won’t ever understand your hate
As you reflect it on me
Because you cannot see
The forest for the trees

Your lust for death
Is no one’s wish
To see their eyes
Before their last breath
Is not in my design
But your perverted mind
Will collapse and bind
By your tragic thoughts
And I hope the gods
Trap your soul
Going from star to star
Lost in a vacuum hell

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