Waking up (a continuation)

Unlike my past lives
When I began this life
Everything was right
Conquering my way
To glory and riches
And there was nothing
That stood in my way
To champion my name

Then the hourglass
Turned upside down
And Pluto was there
To turn things around
The Twins disappeared
And took the planets underground

Everyone turned against me
And I lost everything
A person loved and admired by so many
Became a ghost carried with the wind
Forgotten as if I never lived
And even in the present day
No one remembers what I did
So I loaded the needles
Filling it up with pain
Until I passed out
And forgot my name

The former me
Has died
Becoming a new breed
Which will survive
The chaos that destiny will bring
To those that make others
Suffer on their knees
It’s the Justice
That the Scales seek
To bring balance
To an order humanity fails to keep

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