I’m not really sure what made me want to start writing again, but here we are. 2020 has already been a huge whirlwind for the entire world. There’s a world-wide pandemic called COVID-19 and it has infected millions, and killing hundreds of thousands. Schools are closed. John and I are working from home. Millions more have lost their jobs because anyone considered a “Non-Essential” employee either can’t work or has to work from home. Our “president” (if you can call him that) has been a complete idiot about it too. It took him almost a month to even admit any kind of disaster had happened. John and I have been working from home for almost two months now. And “home-schooling” for about the same amount of time. The schools here are closed for the remainder of the school year. So by the time the boys go back to school, both of them will be in elementary school. I don’t know where time went but this year has been completely crazy.

I’ve been trying to keep track of things going on, whether it’s with the boys or John, but it feels like I just stay busy. No promises I’ll keep this going, but I at least want to try.

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August 14, 2020

Hey! Yes, 2020 is an intense year! And FYI the Brazilian President is even worse! Said “with his athlete background, if he caught it, he’d be fine…” What the actual F?!! To say that while so many people are dying, and losing their loved ones!! He did catch the virus, though not sure how bad it was for him. I personally know 3 women around my age, young, previously healthy, who have been dealing with the worst symptoms ever for months and months, seeing no end in sight, from catching it. I’m talking about struggling to walk, one was struggling to speak! It drives me insane to see people saying it’s not real!

This year has been an intense one, for sure, but both good and bad for me. I needed to settle, and it helped me do that. I’ve actually connected with people more on video calls, friends and family. I’ve lost 14 pounds just by brisk walking and doing yoga. I now have access to classes by my favorite yoga instructor in LA (we live in a smaller California town now), whom I’ve missed so much, due to this. But so many people are struggling, it’s hard to celebrate anything. Also, I’ve had so much stress, I’ve dealt with awful pressure headaches and stomach issues for going on two months now. So many tests (COVID, brain MRI, stool test, blood tests, etc), everything came back clear, and I am getting better, but these never seem to go away. I’ve tied this to stress. I’m working from home, this new job I got only weeks before this started, and while working from home is great, my job isn’t, because it’s customer service. I’m so stressed all the time, I ended up breaking a peanut butter jar and needing stitches (due to stress, and yet another phone call coming in). So I’d say the second half of 2020 has been harder for me, while the first one brought me some things I didn’t know I needed.

I hope you keep writing here! I can’t stand social media lately. I post photos on Instagram, and very rarely go on Facebook now. I’m sometimes good about writing here, sometimes not, but I do love having this back. 🙂