Today is the observed day for the fourth of July. I shouldn’t be working, but I haven’t had much luck with trying to today. It’s finally issues with the server and not our internet. We have AT&T for internet and it’s been super shoddy since we moved here. It’s so frustrating. We’ve had them out here to adjust and move it to try and make it so that it’s not wired, but they still haven’t managed to make it better in the 3 years we’ve been here. So we switched to another provider and already. I finally got a hold of them today and after trying to convince me to stay with them by offering plan incentives (even though I told them we had already switched and were happy there), we are hopefully rid of AT&T for good. This provider we have is already better than them. Faster and so far no issues. I’ll end this here and try to enjoy my holiday for now and maybe do some work later.

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