One week (and one day) of school down. Virtually of course, but still. It’s been exhausting. Trying to work from home (I’ve been avoiding it as much as possible for my sanity’s sake) and also “teach” the boys. They have structured assignments from the teachers, so that’s a big help. They listen a lot better to their teachers than they do for me or John, so that’s why it’s so exhausting. And I know this will pass and I will want my days to be filled with the sounds of my kids, but instead will hear only typing on keyboards and silence. I will also miss not having to wear a bra (just being honest).

I think my moods are just all over the place, but depressed and exhausted are the main ones. All I’ve wanted to do is read, sleep, and clean. I’m a stress/rage cleaner, which is pretty awesome sometimes. It drives my kids and my husband nuts.

One thing I am pretty excited about is that my friends Kat and Ashley are throwing a surprise birthday party for our best friend Jolie! We got a hotel to hole up in, junk food, drinks and all her favorite things. Ashley is going to get her after work and they’re going to drive over to the hotel while Kat and I decorate. I am beyond excited for this and I can’t wait. I hope she’s as excited when we surprise her. She’ll probably cry (lol) so I’m sure we’ll have to bring tissues too. She is one of the best friends I’ve ever had (right up there with Aren). She was my Matron of Honor which says a lot. I’m hoping that this weekend will be good for all of us. The last trip we took included another girl (I’ll call her C), and she completely blew up at all of us, and just was super fucking rude to Jolie. I’m still pissed off about it, and this happened in May…

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on some reading I guess… or take a nap. Who knows. Write again soon.

Feeling: depressed/exhausted
Reading: “A Taste for Honey” – HF Heard (physical book) // “Becoming” – Michelle Obama (audiobook)
Music: Spotify Playlist – from //br.0.ken// homes

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