I feel so disgustingly lost. everyone around me seems happy with their lives but for some reason I just can’t get situated with mine. I have two loving parents and an adequate brother. I have a boyfriend that I am so in love with but I istill feel lost. I don’t have any true friends and all I want is a friend. I feel like everyone got up and left. I used to have this amazing friend group but now just thinking of them makes me sick. i had a bestfriend, I had a few bestfriends. they hate me. everyone hates me. i’m so lost.


— raye

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June 16, 2020

I’m sorry that you are feeling this way, but I hope you will find a comfortable home and friends here – welcome to Open Diary!

June 22, 2020

I’ll be your friend. gives you a cookie I’m Sam. 🙂

June 23, 2020

Well, then, welcome to the most accepting, supportive, place on the web. It sucks, and I’m sorry you feel abandoned. But the people here on Open Diary are amazing. I hope it helps

April 11, 2021

Hey Rayebirds,

just wanted to let you know i’m new to this site, but not to this feeling we both aparently share. I think everyone feels lost. There’s this sick notion that life needs to be constantly satisfactory or you’re doing it wrong. I don’t know where it came from, maybe social media, parents, or from the heavy expectations we have for our lives, and what they should be like, but everyone’s just trying to figure this thing called life out. In fact, I think it’s sort of a requirment to feel lost, and whoever you are comparing yourself to may seem to have it all together, or even have a better life, but it’s a ruse. On social media we essencially see a highlight real of someone’s life and compare it to the everyday, mostly ordinary part of ours. I’m not a teenager anymore, i’m what they call a non functional young adult (just turned 20) but I can tell you from my not so much wiser self, that being a teen is confusing and hard, and you aren’t expected to be situated, or even know who you are until a lot later in life. Just try to enjoy your youth. I felt the same way about my friends in highschool. I remember just feeling like I didn’t like my friend groups and bounced around for four years. (College is a much easier time than High school but there’s a lot to look forward to!) Just Trust me. You’ll be fine. Just try to make the best of it, because soon enough you’ll graduate and wish you did things differently. Everything seems intimidating and stressful, but from a different perspective (or a random person telling you), it’s all in your head! Hope this helps.