Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon to whoever is reading this. I just finished doing laundry (which sucked), and am now trying to find different things to do. I played some mariokart with my family, and I won. Obviously. I’m now blasting Hamilton songs int0 my ears. Soooo, here I am writing aimlessly. I might get on my computer and write some of my book, it’s called ‘The Coup’. I might even finish it. It’s fiction and about many royal families being overthrown by an unidentified group of people. The main characters are the heirs to the throne. I’m excited about that. Later I’m going over to a friends place for a going away party. It’s for Jules. 🙁

So I’m going to go write a card for her. Hopefully expressing most of my feelings towards her. Idk. I’ll figure it out. Gtg, see ya’ll later.

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