Can I ask for some help?

Someone convinced me I should open a GoFundMe and I did. For the $800 bill I had to pay up front to get my cat back. People swear I was swindled. The doc definitely had no compassion in his eyes when I was stunned silent by the quote. I had to be hospitalized the next day from stress and menorrhagia. So I hemorrhaged out my reproductive region, ya see. Extreme dehydration and hairloss and anemia. Yay. Good thing I have basic insurance. I would have died by another bill.

Barely paid the rent, but now I have power, cable and internet, transportation to work, food and kitty supplies to worry about. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need to. I bawled after I asked my grandpa for a loan. I haven’t asked him in almost 5 years, I was doing so good, being independent with 2 jobs and learning to drive and having my own place. I was finally ‘doing’ it. Then something like this. Cats are easy to take care of, til they cost you a kidney.

I don’t expect much, but every donation makes me a little less stressed. I haven’t been able to enjoy life as much working 2 jobs. But now with debt in mind it’s even harder. The world doesn’t owe me anything but I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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