that awful sound

today should have been golden.

this weekend sure has been. yesterday we finally decided on flowers, which means we can get the next big chunk of wedding planning out of the way. so many things were hanging out in the wings and now it’s a matter of trying to get them to come to center stage one-by-one instead of rushing out and overwhelming me. we talked to the people at the cider brewery about our options for our all cider all the time bar, we tasted cakes and Made Decisions (2-tier vanilla cake with lemon curd icing for me and andrew, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and snickerdoodle cupcakes for guests). we had fun!

driving back to nc today we had some good Road Trip Conversation and made a lot jokes, had a great time. and now.

and now.

i told bodi and lindsey what color they needed to pick out dresses or whatever in, since i’m not picking One Bridesmaids Dress for this. lindsey immediately was like, plotting to take the color and match it elsewhere and i had to reign her back in, and while initially bodi was all aboard the sweet-i-can-get-my-jumpsuit-hell-yeah train, they brought up shoes.

we have now been obliquely fighting about shoes for an hour and i’m so tired i could scream.

i get they have Gender Issues and if i pick heels or something they might be uncomfy for a bit re: gender. i don’t want them to be uncomfy. but dammit i just want everyone on my side of the bridal party to wear the same shoes. and now i feel like a fucking disney villain for wanting that because HOW DARE I CAUSE GENDER FEELS FOR MY FRIEND. but it’s my wedding and i want everyone to look nice and i don’t understand why they can’t fucking wear what i want them to wear for a hour while I GET MARRIED. I’M GETTING MARRIED AND BODI DOESN’T WANT TO WEAR HEELS SO LET’S TALK THE HEELS TO DEATH INSTEAD OF THE WHOLE I’M GETTING MARRIED THING.

i hate remembering how bodi and i love each other so much but that when it comes down to the wire they can’t step outside of themselves to notice if i’m happy or not.

now i’m upset and crying because of this bullshit and somehow this is literally the most stressful part of my wedding planning so far and how pathetic is that nonsense HUH?????

lol /end selfish rant

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February 10, 2019

My daughter is just beginning to plan for her August 10th wedding.  Yes, there is so much to do when it comes to having a wedding.  I’m sorry that you aren’t receiving support when it comes to the type of shoes your attendants will wear.  Tell me, when are you getting married?

February 11, 2019

@wildrose_2 september 22nd!

February 11, 2019

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It’s so nice when things begin to fall into place and you can visualize the rest.

My best friend can usually be found in flannels and converse. I tease her that she’s a stereotypical lesbian (lovingly of course). At my wedding she wore a dress and even let the make-up artist put false lashes on her – all in the name of supporting me. She didn’t wear a long dress, so I did request her to get some little kitten heels for the ceremony. I knew damn well I wasn’t going to keep my heels on for the reception, so my compromise to her was telling her she could trade those shoes out for vans or converse that matched her dress after we did the ceremony and took pictures.

Maybe your wedding gift to them could be a fun pair of sneakers or something like that for them to wear after the ceremony (in your wedding colors)?

Take a deep breath. I had many stress breakdowns leading up to my wedding – and I work in the event industry.

At the end of the day – no matter what – this is your special day and you can choose to focus on the good things. You get to marry your love in front of your favorite people! It’s amazing. Pick some things to really take in on the day of your wedding. It will all go SO fast.