Long Time No See

Sorry Guys, I got a new computer then kind of forgot about OD until today, but I`m back with a lot of shit to talk about,

My dog in now in “End Stage Renal Failure”, translation: He is going to die soon. So that aint good, and because of that, my anxiety is a lot worse.

Even little things just really stress me out, like, my mum and her boyfriend were asking me about what I learnt from an canine course I did and I ended up swearing at them because my mind just went blank and I got really stressed out and wanted to cry... so thatsfun.

I was up until like 5 AM last night because in the words I texted to my BFF "Just another witching hour where I refuse to sleep because I am thinking about "life shit" that will give me nightmares"

Ugh what did my good grammar ever do to you OD I don't want this weird highlighter thing lmao


My friend thinks I might be bisexual and I dont really know anymore so thats another crisis to add to the list.

I forgot to post this haha

So this is a day later:

I only got 4 hours sleep last night but somehow I feel better then I have in weeks, maybe the secret to life is sleep deprivation…

Anyway, I have been super productive and done loads of work and listened to music! I joined an awesome club on one of my fav games and everything is going smoothly ;P


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I’m sorry to hear about your dog. 🙁 Sleep deprivation or a bad case of insomnia could be the secret. 😛

January 14, 2021

So there you are missy!  Missed you.  How sad about your dog.  I wish dogs would live longer than their owners so we would never have to go through their death.  It is easy to get stressed out about stuff.  I guess staying awake thinking about stuff is better than dreaming about it.  We’ve been having a lot of fun around here since you’ve been gone.  Hey that’s a Kelly Clarkson song. ha ha ha Have a good one 😎

January 14, 2021

@tracker2020 thanks tracker :))

all so true <3