Pigley`s deap lol

Hiya x

I am working this morning (English), I had to compare different emotions to different animals. Me being the secretly very deep person I am, decided that sadness is a person…

And this is what I wrote about her:                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sadness is gloomy, she has an exhausting warmth about her, instead of the coldness most people seem to think. She is secretive and doesn’t tell anyone how she is feeling. Probably unintentionally, but she brings people around her down with her. She is deep, and meaningful. She doesn’t like bright colours or light, she would sleep all day and be up all night if she could. She tends to make rational decisions. Sadness likes hugs, and comfort, but sometimes to be left the hell alone…

I also made happiness a baby goat, passion a phoenix, love a dog and silliness a cat! xDD

I only got 6 hours of sleep last night but I`m not as tired as I expected, I have already had lunch and done some work so feeling much better about my day today than yesterday. I have been talking to my new friends a lot lately and they are so kind : ) I love making new friends! I have a really lovely guy friend we will just call Ben because I don’t share names here. >.<

My dog has been eating a lot more this week and fattening up which is good because he was on the skinny side. <3

I have been playing among us a lot as well haha Unlike a lot of OD members at the moment I don`t have snow here! But that’s ok, its very cold! Been having the fire on more often and snuggling under a quilt. I planned to start walking in the mornings but not in this weather!

I like how I managed to start off this OD entry quite depresso-expresso and  end it so happily, its a talent I have ; )

I also had an epiphany last night that the past is like raise, or sexuality, you can change it, it doesn’t really mater but it can really mess with your life!

Anywayz this was an impulse entry I didn’t have much to say other than that… Oh, I have been listening to music with my friends a lot too : D

Love from Pigley xx

ps: is there anything YOU want me to talk about? Let me know x



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I’m sadness personified, HOWEVER, I am very positive. Weird eh?

December 2, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea definetly haha

@ripleypigley I blame my positivity on my Sagittarius ascendant 😀 That and my Venus being in Gemini… we have a chatty positive mo’fo. 😛