Pigley`s Doggo

Hi OD!

7 days until Christmas! Eeek 😀

My dog is quite ill again, he has Hypocalcemia (not enough calcium)  and has to stay on a drip at the vet`s until Monday! :C The house feels so empty without him here… I love Thor SO much and I really hope he gets better soon!

It`s nearly Christmas and I haven’t bought ANY presents, I feel quite bad tbh!

I have completely lost my phone and feel bad for my friends who don’t have discord 😐

There is some family drama going on and my anxiety has shot up through the roof…

This last week I have realised how much I love my BFFL, she is like my other half and I cant wait to see her Monday! XD

So… I had an idea but I probably won`t go ahead with it, thoughts please?

As soon as the clock strikes 2021, I`m going to have a fresh start, new routine, new lifestyle, blank slate, so I was wondering whether my diary should be a blank slate too? I have a name idea for a new diary, but I would miss this one, I also kind of have the fear my mum might stumble across my diary, because she is on OD too…


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December 18, 2020

I love your diary just the way it is lol.  The name fits you.  It’s cute and funny and all.  I don’t think your mom would be too thrilled about a new one.  😎

December 18, 2020

@tracker2020 I agree XD

December 25, 2020

You are invited to my open house.  Things are getting started so stop on by.  😎  tracker

December 31, 2020

You are invited to my virtual birthday party today.  I am sorry the invitations are going out late.  You can easily catch up on Party, Part 2, Part 3.  😎

Welcome back. 🙂 What is a BFFL…?

January 14, 2021

@zombieinfusedtea Best friend for life < 3