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Hiya Guys!

I have had this requested a few times so I thought why not… oh boy this is gonna be a long entry.

Let`s start this out plain and simple. School was shit. Not gonna lie to you haha

When I was in reception I meant my best friend more life- who I will call Kate – we don’t see each other much anymore but I love her to bits. Apart from my two friends I absolutely hated school with every fibre of my being. The teachers where horrible and quite frankly didn’t a rats ass about my happiness, I would have to be dragged to school kicking and screaming every morning.

Eventually, one week into year one we took me out, and switched schools, this one honestly wasn’t much better…

I met a “friend” (Grace) we had a love-hate relationship, we would be the best of friends one second and then shouting and ripping each others heads off- the next, you know what teachers say “its part of being friends, this is normal at your age, its fine it jus means you’re really close” Me being the gullible child I was believed them and just let this girl ruin my life.

By the time I got to year 5 she had stolen all my friends (you could say she was the popular kid) and turned the school against me. The crazy thing is, to this day she says she has no idea has she ever did to me and thinks we are still friends. I- I just think that’s hilarious.

As well as the kids none of the teachers liked me either and were kind of evil… except one, Mr Burgess is THE nicest teacher on the planet, he was my year 4 teacher and basically my friend, I know its lame when people are friends with the teachers but he was the only half decent person there so, ya know.

I had one genuine friend in primary school- Ella, she was so sweet and weird just like me! I actually remember her teaching me how to cartwheel in PE! But her mum was weird AF and didn’t like me, so I never saw her outside of school : (

The day my mum decided to home school me we just left, I never went back, never said goodbye to anyone, I saw Mr Burgess again the next year at a fair, but never Ella, I actually feel really bad. I still have a Christmas card from Ella in my room, its a super cute one with a puppy on the front! <3

Reading through this there are SO many memories coming back haha

A random memory of the robot teacher (we called him this because he acted like a robot, duh.) In year 5 I joined a chess club but I was terrible at it, me and my friend Jack where walking past the doors and I really didn’t want to go in, so Jack convinced me to just, not go in. I went outside and actually had fun for the first time that week and it was lovely, halfway through English two kids from the Chess Club leader`s class came in and legit summoned me and I am not exaggerating when I say this robot man stood in the hallway staring down on me and yelled in my face for 10 minutes, because I didn’t go to a chess club I mean like, really man?

Anyway, yeah that was my school life…

I am home schooled now if you where wondering XD

From Pigley xxxx

ps. if you are wondering how I decide to give people fake names, it`s whether I know them now or not, if I don’t see them anymore, ever, it doesn’t matter to me whether you know their name.



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December 9, 2020

Thanks for remembering to talk about school.  I’m sorry it was so terrible.  At least you had a couple of friends along the way.  There are very few teachers who are special like Mr Burgess.  Hope you write more often Pigley.  😎

December 9, 2020

@tracker2020 I will do! Sorry I stopped writing, I lost inspo XD

December 10, 2020

Life is crap at times you just have to dust it off or flush it and start over. Love your OD profile pic!

December 11, 2020

@mermycohea thanks! XD and yeah : ))