Rip Old Pigley

Rest in Peace Old Piglet!

I finally fixed my sleep schedule! (kind of)


Me and my soul sister woke up together at 8 AM, going to sleep at 12AM the previous night (giving me the perfect amount of sleep = 8 hours)

When I woke up we facetimed and I made pancakes for breakfast while she had a shower, I got dressed, brushed my teeth, put my makeup on and made my bed all before 9! At 9 I did online math for 30 minutes then chatted with friends on discord until 10 AM when I played music and went for a 40 minute walk. While on my walk I met a super cute donkey (who we decided to call Ginger George) and gave him strokes! <3 After that I did a few chapters of my Canine Course and then had lunch. Then relaxed for the rest of the day lol

Super Happy XD

Speak Tomorrow x

Pigley Out


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January 18, 2021

Good stuff! I don’t care much for pancakes but crepes are nice. 🙂 Something to do with the doughyness that I don’t like?? 🙂

January 18, 2021

@sleepydormouse fair enough, same tbh, but i love putting chocolate spread in them XD

January 18, 2021

@ripleypigley Nutella? OMFG. I love pb and nutella sammies! I wish they made a sugar free chocolate spread…  sends a murderous glance skyward

January 18, 2021

@sleepydormouse lmaoo no x not nutella, im vegan, a different spread : p

January 18, 2021

@ripleypigley I want a diabetic friendly, vegan friendly choco spread damnit~  LMAO!!

January 18, 2021

I love pancakes but they fill me up so much I get a stomach ache.  Well I get the stomach ache because I eat too many pancakes.  Peace out!  😎