rip pigley`s sleep scheduel

Hey Folks! It is very late and I can barely see my keyboard lol

I can`t sleep! I have been tying to fall asleep for about 40 minutes and I am still wide awake >.< I get this issue a lot< but I thought it had gotten better this last month, maybe it is because I am at my dads house? Anywayz, I wondered whether it would be interesting to keep a kind of “nightmare diary” on OD? I say r.i.p my sleep schedule, I don’t have a sleep schedule lmao, I sleep when I sleep, but no mater what I usually get 8 hours sleep. If I go to bed at 1 am I wake up at 9 and hey presto I am not a walking zombie!

I am going to talk about the nightmare I had a few days ago and then see if its really lame or kind of cool to read about- also maybe don’t read this if its late at night and you have anxiety like me haha why did I think this was a good idea?


I was in the bathroom and I looked out the window, in my garden was standing a man with a red sweater- about 6.4ft, for some unknow reason I decided the best thing to do was lay down on the floor under the window, he walked up to the glass and just stared in and it was terrifying, then they came in my backdoor and I tried to be all clever and talk my way out of whatever they were going to do, deep down I was screaming, basically my whole aim was to make sure my dog was safe I think…

I looked out the window and someone drove up the rode but I didn’t know them, another person drove up and it was my mother! I was so relived, he asked is that your mum and I said no, obviously. Then she drove away again but soon after knocked on the door, as soon as she got in I threw the man out the door.

At this point it stops making sense because right outside our front door was a swimming pool… basically after we got him out of the swimming pool we held him hostage in our house and were just standing in the living room talking…

I turned round to the door, which was now wide open, and standing in the door way like a statue- was a man in a black suit and a freaky mask, we all screamed, because in the dream, he was recognised as a murderer and then he jumped through the door onto me and I woke up.

I am not kidding it was one of the worst dreams I have had this year. Writing about this in the dead of night was partly good to vent about but also kind of horrible re-living it haha

I don’t know I was just inspired to talk about it 🙂

Random Pigley Fact: I found a great country-breakup song called – You should be sad (by Hasley) and a rap song called- Ashes! (cant remember who)

This was definitely my weirdest most random entry, hope you don`t mind haha at least now you know how messed up my brain is…

From Late-night Pigley

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December 1, 2020

re reading it now it doesn`t sound that scary but trust me it was aha