Carelessness is the inevitable

Thoughts from the wanderer. here lie early musings of some of my writings. Belief is an unhappy medium in the spectrum of careless.


There needs to be a percentage of people that take a number of hits to their ego. I don’t have to be the bottom of the heap to tell you that every blow hurts. I can tell you that the people at the bottom of the would be highschool, do sometimes have the best observations. I wonder what may have become of me if I’d been at the top of the same heap. Some of the thing I transcribe come from open eyes, many that go so unnoticed. There are some that keep private journals, that carry information that needs to escape every once and a while just to keep life interesting. Now is the time to find out where a little information, a few good friends, and a turn down the wrong street, or a ride on the wrong bus can take you. Or in this case, me.

I’m really not the sort of writer, or informant in this case that makes any kind of title work to this nature. I try not to make judgements beyond the obvious or exceptional loud pressing moments which make what I tell you seem more real. beyond that, I may not have an as close or examined perspective on the matter. There are only so many things that I can and will repeat in the presence of people that I care about. I’m not very smart, or popular but I think and my thoughts get recorded for all to see.

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