LIfe passes us by…

There should be a vow,


 I vow, here and now that I will not let my life pass me by as if I am just a walking figment of my own imagination. Every idea, every thought, every being of my day/week/year will be recorded so I can look back on it and laugh, cry, or even tell my kids someday. I want this to be preserved as a living history of myself for people to read, judge, muse, believe in, or even study. What kinds of things can one 18 year old say…

The world as we know it is coming crashing down. I want this to be a call to future generations. This is history that we can set in their laps and feel the weight of, but our heads will be held high. Unless a president is elected that will change all this, we are doomed to live like this forever.

Not in a physical sense, but in a more powerful economic sense. Today the stock market had one of it’s biggest losses ever. Ever. that’s an awfully long time. What happened today is greater then the stock market crash and the depression that ravaged our country years ago. This is worse. We have to face up to all our economic problems, our spending, our disregard for the environment, and air quality.

What will we have for our kids, our grand-kids and our great-grand-kids. Will we have solved these problems by then… 10 years, 20 years, 60 years… what then?

where do we put blame? surely not on the one person to whom it all matters. We need to blame ourselves. We need to point the finger at ourselves, our pocketbooks, our spending habits, our need for bigger, better things. TV’s, Ipods, Computers, toys, Appliances, etc… (I know what you’re thinking) : how can I get away with saying this as I type on my computer and have a soft, centered view of the world?

I work really hard, I do a lot of things to protect the environment. I only use small amounts of water, I don’t water my lawn that often, there is a setting for my dishwasher to use less water too. I recycle, I have a compost pile, I walk and don’t drive much, I don’t own a car, I Use extra blankets at night instead of turning on the heater, I use my air conditioning very little, I turn off and ( sometimes unplug) things when I’m not using them, and I always make sure that I do it in the name of the planet. ( not because someone told me I should)

How’s that for something to leave behind…

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