Physical Attraction is the essence on an

Physical Attraction is the essence of a relationship.
What I had today constitutes as nothing short of a wake up call. An experience that leaves you feeling like you don’t know anything.

I wrote about relationships built on sex, a close knit feeling between characters who have slept together. I could write about it, but I couldn’t condone it. When asked in real life for sex (yes the boyfriend actually asked) I told him I wasn’t ready. Although I may be considering sex, it won’t be someone I’m not attracted to.

my relationship is not like the one I have written about. The one I have written lasts a lifetime, in real life mine is probably ending.

Now not to say i don’t have feelings my boyfriend I do. He’s a sweet guy.

The essence of physical attraction helps me see things in a clearer light. The guys that I do find incredibly attractive, are "pretty Boys" or boys that are complete jerks to girls that don’t fit their mold. Some boys are just players and keep their options open.

I don’t think I’m destined to be with a pretty boy, or one with a vain attitude. Even if his muscles scream to be touched-(Dave) Or if his Baby blues can look right into your soul-(Jake)or if his smile could steal a thousand hearts-(Jamie) (:not their real names:)

vain boys = vain personalities = no use to me.

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