Alone in my thoughts

The nature of that of which we are a part but can not know can’t be described. But in the darkness and distance of a verdant May night, it all seems so close. Perhaps we have a sense that we have been taught to ignore. It’s fun to believe such ideas.

But I do believe there “exists” that which lies beyond our ability to comprehend.

We have a few tools which might at least let us catch a glimpse of their shadow from the corner of our eyes.


The fruit fly can not conceive of baseball. Or the World Series.

Why should the same idea not apply to us, that which can not be described or even imagined directly.

Perhaps we might be able to somehow sense it in the dark silence. Or at least believe in it. Our species seem to have a need to voice ideas. Perhaps there already exists a word to describe that which defies description.

Can you think of one?




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May 23, 2020

When I cant find words ~ I paint.

Stretching those sensing to see beyond even that glimpse is rewarding and isolating.  Be careful ~ or not.

HiRobert. Good to meet you.  My given name:  Katherine.

May 23, 2020

@universalseductress Hello Katherine, the pleasure is mine and thank you for your note. Yes, I completely agree that caution might be in order when one tries to learn about that for which there are no words. Pandora etc. I admire your artistic ability. I was passed over when the creativity genes were issued. It has left me often frustrated and envious and without a way to share what I feel.

I digress.

Thanks again for your note.


June 2, 2020

Just one?


If permission is granted for more than one then there are others vying for a mention although not quite hitting the spot.  Predisposed (or disposed if you prefer).  Coded.  Programmed.

Instinctive behaviour fascinates (and baffles) me.  Actions/reactions based on what feels to be true or right even without conscious reasoning have to be more than a self-preservation thing, don’t they?  I like to think so.



June 2, 2020

@cluinn Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The trouble is that all we have to discuss this is words. I sense from your words that you also suspect the existence of another ….. which can not be described in any way available to us.

Or maybe I just need to stop fooling myself.