Compartmentalization 101

I love Seinfeld. I’ve heard that show described as being about nothing. The writers have even embraced the idea. But I respectfully disagree.

I say it’s about everything.

I particularly enjoy George Costanza. A man I can identify with. He understands the idea of worlds colliding. Matter and antimatter. Go boom.

This is the reason I have nine blogs plus this diary where I write. WordPress loves me. Several of them are private and I don’t write in them all every day. But I do write somewhere daily.

There is my lyrical blog if I feel emotional, my (2) spiritual / philosophical blogs if I feel the universe closing in on me.

Or if I feel innovative or intuitive I can turn to my science / awareness blogs (2 more).

Then there are my (2) erotica blogs where I, well, moving right along,

There’s one on how to become an audiophile, one for just writing topical general interest entries, plus my diary here of course.

The thought of having them collide is horrible.

Worse than having my mashed potatoes and my pork chop touch one another on my plate.

Yeah, you are my hero George.

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June 26, 2020

I used to watch Seinfeld all the time–it was one of my father’s favorite shows. I was never a fan of George, but then again I didn’t really have a favorite character on the show. But the worlds colliding idea is 100% something I agree with as well. I have dozens of journals, most of them paper, and a handful of blogs online, each one different. I don’t like grouping everything together. Having everything in one place feels…uncomfortable to me.

June 26, 2020

I think the best episode of Sienfield was when he had to wear that fluffy shirt and it later got sold at an action for millions…..It’s funny how something so ugly can e so beautiful

July 2, 2020

HAH!   Wait till you have blogs for blogs.   😆