Things are going okay.  I am a little anxious about work tonight.  I am sure i should find out if i get that new position tonight.  If i get it i am happy.  If i don’t get it i am happy.  It doesn’t matter.  I just needed to focus on something else to get my mind off the main thing that is on my mind.  The reason i don’t write about the main thing that is on my mind is because i feel like this task that has been given to me is mine alone to deal with.  Nobody can really help me do this.  I bitch a lot about the bullshit to my better half.  I think i may need to go talk to somebody about this after everything has been said and done.  I told her i wanted to do this and she told me it may be a good idea.  After everything is said and done i will do a whole entry about it and maybe have to divide it into several entries.  On a lighter note i did finish the season finale of the old man.  It was good.  I am glad there is going to be a second season.  I watched some more of the money heist on Netflix until i got a phone call from my sister.  We don’t get along.  I just talk to her as a courtesy.  Usually it is through text messages.  If I didn’t have to talk to her i wouldn’t.  However things being as they are i have to communicate with her.  I have to be in a position to be i am not sure how to say it.  I can’t be an asshole to her.   That is the best way to put it.  Anyways it goes back to the thing i can’t really discuss.  I will hopefully by September 1st.  If everything goes the way i am hoping it will go.  Until next time……



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