Day 2 of vacation.  So far it has been good.  I have been taking it easy.   Today i dyed my hair and trimmed my goatee.  I was going to shave it because i can’t stand the thing.  My better half likes it so i decided to keep it for a little while longer.  I did some house work while my better half was at work.  I started vacation a couple of days before and i am glad i did.  I am feeling better now that i am off.  I am going to try and stay on my sleep schedule since it is so hard to get back on it if i go off of it.  Anyways i watched So I Married An Axe Murderer tonight.  Which led me to a series on Netflix called the Pentaverate.  I watched the first episode tonight.  It was very funny.  Today is our anniversary.  I do have some surprises up my sleeve today.  I am just glad we are on vacation.  I am going to try to post everyday i am on vacation.  I am not sure we are going to be going out of town.  There are somethings i need to take care .  Thursday the person that is going to start the pump on the well.  I just hope they don’t cancel again.  I really am getting worried about our grass.  Anyways i will write more later.  Take care…..



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