Losing My Religion

For some reason i didn’t anything i planned on doing Thursday in to Friday morning.  I was going to watch the season finale of the old man.  I didn’t watch that.  I have out recorded so I can go back an watch it.  I did catch up on the new season of west world.    I love that series.  I did finish the first season of the leftovers.  It seems like a very good series.  A lot of the series i am catching up on i have heard of i just never seemed interested in them at the time.  On Netflix i am watching Money Heist.  My brother recommended me that one and it is really good so far.  I did more yard work and was more productive outside then i have been during previous weeks.  I just want our yard to look good.  I want to put a fence up so I the dogs will quit coming in our yard and using the bathroom.  I would like to find out where these dogs live and return the dog shit to the proper owners.  I am going to hookup my external hard drives tonight.  I didn’t feel like it last night,  when i mowed my lawn yesterday i was going to use my gas powered mower however i couldn’t get it to start.  It would start and then die.  When it comes to mechanical things that is one thing i am not good at.  I used the electric mower.  I am thinking i am going to get rid of the grass powered mower.  We have the electric mower for 9 years now.  We bought it at Sears.  I don’t think sears exists anymore.  I am thinking about getting a new electric mower and this time I will get one with a lawn mower bag.  I thought i went back to work tonight.  However it is just Friday.  I don’t go back until tomorrow night.  I am excited.  I have only 5 more working days until vacation.  I am not sure if we are going anywhere.  I want to go somewhere however with some of the minor drama going on in my life i don’t know if i can relax or do anything fun.  Sometimes i think that when things are bothering me i just want them to be done like right then and there.  My better half has been supportive of me.  I couldn’t ask for more.  When she is not around i do get more emotional and sometimes i do cry because sometimes this shit is just to much and i don’t think i signed up for this amount of it.  My Cat is a great comfort to me as well.  She is my little buddy when i need her.  She seems to know when i need her around.  I have been watching the movie They Live as i fall asleep.  It is kinda weird how that movie is just as relevant today as it was made in the 80’s.  Anyways i had to take some Benadryl because my allergies are bothering me.  Until next time.



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3 weeks ago

Cats are amazing eh?

@sambucathedestroyer they are the best meow.

3 weeks ago

@robertsmith I love them Chris… 🐱