To say the least work was interesting.  I got back to work my boss came up to me and told me that the position hadn’t been filled and that everyone that put in for it had to put in for it again due to some technical issue.  I translated that to be that when my bosses boss asked me if i put in for it and i told what was told to me she told me that it didn’t sound right at all.  I went on my nights off and came back my boss told me he wanted me to be put in the position,  i really don’t care if i get it.  I just needed to get my mind off what is really going on.  I needed a distraction.  Well i was suppose to go back for one night of work and ended up going back for 2 nights.  I am on vacation until August 12.  I go back on the 13th.  Anyways i got off work at 6 a.m. and had a pain in my side.  I didn’t think to much of it because i have had this pain before and i think it is just stress from all of the other things that is going on.  I have been playing words with friends on my phone and i like to play that game quite often.  Truth be told i play it everyday.  Anyways people will message me.  I never message anyone first since i am involved and i think it would be inappropriate to do that.  Well a couple of people messaged and they said hi.  Asked where each other was from and if any of us is married.  I am married will be married for 9 years tomorrow.  The best damn time of my life as that goes.  Well anyways this particular person told me she got a new computer and she wanted me to go get some cards for her computer to get it up and running.  When i have to work my first night back i usually take a couple of more sleeping pills then i should because i get so anxious and worried about not getting enough sleep.  So after she messaged me i get another notification and this time it is an image.  Unaware of what this image is i open the message from her and it is a naked picture of her.  Then she sent a message asking me to help her again and then 2 more naked pictures followed.  Well i didn’t send a reply back until the next day.  She said hi and asked me why i wasn’t answering her and if i was going to help her.  I told her i wasn’t going to help her.  She replied that i better never talk to her again so i said okay bye and haven’t heard from her since.  So i went into my words with friends app and went into settings and have blocked all messaging so i don’t get anymore messages.  At 3 a.m. this morning i got 2 invites from people wanting me to play words with friends.  I accepted the game and after 3 turns the people quit playing me.  I presume they messaged me and they were aggravated with me not answering them back.  At least i don’t have to worry about people trying to message me in the game. Another weird thing was i got a text from the buyer that is purchasing a piece of property that i am selling.  I gave him the update about the property and then i got an email saying that a contract was voided.  I texted him back and asked him if the contract had been voided.  It ended up being the earlier contract that we had signed.  We are still proceeding as planned.  I am just waiting on the attorney to write up what he needs to write up.  It will be a huge relief off of me when everything is said and done.   It will be a good thing.  My sister that i don’t get along with she ended up getting covid .  So i had to send her some money.  I was going to yard work when i got home from work and ended up just relaxing in the house.  I didn’t even watch west world which is something i have been watching when i get off from work.  Everything just seems to much right now.  I am debating on turning my phone off tomorrow.  I just want it to be our day and no distractions from other people.  Anyways i may be posting a lot on here since i am on vacation now.  My boss is suppose to text me whether or not i get the job.  I am thinking i am not going to get it.  I am not an ass kisser either way it was a good distraction.  Until next time…….


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