Snowing again

I am taking my lunch hour early tonight.  I figured I would post since I am anxious about a lot of things.  Mainly things at work.  I am happy it is snowing.  When it isn’t snowing it is really cold.  I would rather it snow than be cold.  The things at work that are concerning me is the politics that are going on at the store.  In all the many years I have worked here I have never been treated the way I have been treated by my fellow co-workers that are in the same position as me.  This has been going on since December.  I am tired of the politics and never have been a kiss ass.  I just want to be me and do my job.  Since I didn’t go out to training one of the training coordinators sent personnel an email about me not going and wanted to know the reason I didn’t go.  It is kinda aggravating the lack of communication that goes on.  I almost want to step down and not do this anymore.  I asked one of the people I work with if I could be reassigned and she told me I am to valuable in my current location so the answer was no.  I am listening to the legendary pink dots.  They are a good band.  I had the opportunity when I lived in the city to meet the band.  In fact I have an autographed cd they signed for me.  It was most excellent.  I wish I could be happy.  No matter the bullshit that is going on at work it is going to bother me until it gets resolved.  Anyways i am not sure when I am going to post again.  It is hard for me to post when I am aggravated.  Anyways until next time…….


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