The Menu and Peter Hook and the Light

Today was a good day for the most part.  I just kinda chilled.  I cleaned the bathroom and did some dishes.  I watched the Menu.  That movie was a trip.  It is one of the best movies I have seen in awhile. The music I have been listening to at work is by a band called Peter Hook and the Light.  Peter Hook used to be in the bands New Order and Joy Division.   The reason I like Peter Hook and the Light is because he has played alot of the New Order albums in their entirety.  That was the music I planned on listening to on my way to training.   I haven’t really been listening to music at work since I have been busy doing other things at work.   I am kinda anxious about going to work since everything that happened Tuesday night is still fresh in my mind.  I am hoping that things will change a bit when I get back.  I am also thinking about leaving overnights when a position opens up on the day shift.  I would only lose 30 cents.  I downloaded my tax forms today.  Between my wife and me we made $92,000.  I really don’t care about money, however that is the most I have seen in my life.  So far as accomplishing my goals to make a mortgage payment every time we get paid it has been happening.   I am excited about the new goals we have set.  It should be a good thing.  Anyways I think I am going to watch some criminal minds on paramount+.  Until next time…..  



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